From shop to studio! 2014 to 2021!

Well 2020 was quite a year! Considering how much of it was spent at home, I don't quite know where the months went! 

First lockdown came just after Mother's day (so so lucky!) After 3 weeks of no flowers in April, as soon as I could get flowers, the orders came in! Which was lovely, people sent flowers to loved ones they couldn't see, so it was nice to bring some happiness & it was also lovely to have such amazing customers supporting me! I also collaborated with local businesses delivering gorgeous baked goods from Emily baked and grazing boxes from Thomas the Caterer! I did a summer workshop using probably the most used app of the year - Zoom! Then for Christmas workshops we went online again but offering a filmed tutorial so more people could get on board which turned out to be a huge success! 

This year made me realise life is too short and we should seize the day whenever possible. During times when the shop had to remain closed, I adapted as much as I could and doing that gave me preview of what life would be like as a freelance florist... And I LOVED IT!!!!

Before I talk about the studio heres a little reflection of Jessica Mary Flowers & the 6 years as a florist shop! 

The shop was a huge, exciting new venture for me at 23 years old, it was a big step for my career. The shop was a blank canvas, and needed a total transformation! My Mum & Dad really got stuck in helping me get it ready in 2 and a half months!

Sept 3rd came, and the weeks started to fly by! The ka soon got traded in for a van! And my team started to grow. In six years, I've had some lovely people work for me, including 3 apprentices! I went from doing fairly small weddings, to big weddings. Our valentines and mother's days got busier each year and client base grew.

From 23 to 29 years old, I moved out of my parents home, lived with a friend just up  the road from the shop, then gained a boyfriend, a dog, moved to Husbands Bosworth then the boyfriend became my Husband and we gained another dog! 

After 6 years of hard work running a florist shop & building my name, I feel ready for this new exciting chapter, my dream.

The previous two years we were booked for 45+ weddings, our online shop was becoming more and more popular and the phone was always ringing. Balancing day to day shop life with orders & weddings, Jessica Mary Flowers was moving towards the 'studio way' before I had even made the decision. It has always been a future goal of mine, to run Jessica Mary Flowers from a studio in the countryside, and this dream is now about to become a reality! (Thanks to my Husband building me a beautiful studio where we live!) 

So although 2020 was a difficult year for so many of us, I think it's made alot of people, including myself, take a step back and really ask what do they enjoy doing? What do I want for my future? 

Jessica Mary Flowers has now left 11 Abbey Street, an end of era, but the Studio brings me Freedom, new opportunities & hopefully more Happiness in my life - even if I cant go abroad with my Girlfriends 😭

My first week back open next week and I'm fully booked already - good start 😁 I think I feel a colab coming on with Baked by Emily Davis too as her stuffed cookies are back, and people really need them in their lives 😂

Sending much love to everyone during this Lockdown.3

All that's left to say is Covid...Do one please. 

Jess x

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