My first blog post...


I decided to start a blog so my customers & followers can get a small insight into the life of a Florist! 

I want to discuss general happenings in the shop, new trends, weddings (of course!) and my progress within the flower industry! 

This year has certainly been a strange one, and although it has been very worrying at times & we have missed hugging our friends and family, I must admit, I have adapted & learnt some valuable lessons from the past few months. 

Heres some key factors I have discovered/learnt... 

- I don't have to work 6 days a week to survive, I can condense my work into 5 days! Woohoo! 

- Being constantly busy with work and social events sometimes distracts us from our mental wellbeing. 

- I miss creating Wedding flowers every week! I miss the excitement of the Wedding morning! 

- The more effort I put into my social media, the more interest & feedback I got back in return! 

- Being home more has been LOVELY. 

- Virtual workshops work! I did my first one in May and it was a great success!

- My dog, loved lockdown! 🐶

We're starting to see normal routines slowly return which is great! But the only thing that saddens me, is how many new customers who turned to small, independent shops during the lockdown craze, have now returned to using big chain companies for ease.

It's such a shame as I know many independent businesses in Market Harborough mentioned they were super busy during those crazy few months, working long hours to meet the demand. But now the large chains have caught up with stock demand, they haven't seen many of those customers again.

I guess it was bound to happen! 

I lost count of how many balloon orders I had over lockdown when chains struggled to get hellium in, I know one chain was charging £14.50 for one medium balloon!!! At the same time we were charging our usual price of £4.50!!!

Crazy crazy times, although I'm quite glad I'm not in huge demand for balloons now as it means I can concentrate on flowers! 😂

Well, there we go, my first blog! I'll stop now, before I go on, I was worried I wouldn't have enough to talk about, but I think I'll be okay! 😂

Take care folks, concentrate on the positives when you can ❤️


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